Monday, February 2, 2015

To Bring the World His Truth

The Foundation is Set. February 1, 2015
Our group finally started! After much opposition, miscommunication, and lack of support we got it going! Our stake president (President Prier), President Mortensen, and President Vasquez from the mission presidency were all there to support! 

All this week we were preparing for Sunday as Hermana DeLaO and I are the group leaders for right now. We were excited and planned on talking to EVERYONE about it, we even made little invitations so that is was more legit (or maybe that was my event planning side coming out?) Anyways, we planned the entire sacrament meeting (never thought I would have to do something like that ever) and invited all of our members to come, as well as giving several phone call reminders throughout the week so that they wouldn't forget. It was really funny because as we were planning sacrament there was some things that we had no idea what to do for since Hermana DeLaO and I don't have any brothers... :) 

Well Sunday morning comes around and all of our investigators either haven't responded to us or texted us saying that they wouldn't be able to come. :( I was so sad and SO nervous... I was just praying that there would be some people there to support. 

We didn't have any investigators there but we had 5 less active members there to participate. And overall we had 22 people in our meeting! We were so happy! During the meeting they kept talking about how in 1830 when the church was first organized there were only 6 members and we had way more than that! We were so thankful for the support of our English Ward Spanish speaking members.

President Mortensen gave a quick little talk, followed by testimonies, and then our stake president talked about how he has been trying to figure out how to start something here for over 6 years and could never figure it out! He bore his testimony of how everything has finally come together and he knows that there will be much success here. There still is a lot to do, but he was confident in the growth of this group. 

The spirit was so strong and many tears were shed. As I sat there I received a spiritual confirmation that this group was going to be the start of something great, that the Spanish work was going to increase dramatically and that the work would be faster than I thought. I know that this group will be able to eventually grow to be a branch and then to be a ward in the future. What a historical event to remember and I am so glad that I was blessed to be a part of it. 

More Miracles of the Week
We had a lesson with the crosswalk guard, Silvestre, of an elementary school across the street from our chapel. The elders had given him a Book of Mormon last week and when we asked him where he was, he said he was in Mosiah learning about Abinidi and King Noah. He was reading the part about the 10 commandments. 

We then invited him to church and he said kind of jokingly that in the commandments it talks about "resting" on the Sabbath Day. It was his excuse to sleep in and not come to church. But we told him that he needed to "rest" in the Lord and come learn more. After a while he chuckled and said, "Ustedes son guerreras" which means "You two are warriors!" 

We also had one of the best Tree of Life lessons ever! We went and visited a potential investigator, Guadelupe. She asked us if we believed in revelation through dreams. We told her we did and read about Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life in 1 Nephi 8. It was amazing because as we read she understood it ALL. She would stop herself in exactly the same spots we were going to stop her, analyze it, tell us what it was symbolic of, apply it to her life, and then keep reading. Hermana DeLaO and I were in shock. She taught us that day :) The Book of Mormon is powerful!

We had a lesson with the Amanza Family. We split up into two groups and read in the Book of Mormon and Bible about Nephi and Esther. We talked about their courage and how we can be courageous as well. We then talked about the decision to be baptized is a courageous step in our life and we invited them to be baptized and they accepted! They are all so excited!

Love Y'all so much! 

Hermana Loo
Whatever Heifer... hahaha 
Madisonville Blitz- As a district we went to Madisonville for a couple hours to contact since they have been struggling to find investigators. The Elders gave the sisters the sketchiest parts of town and it was in the morning! We had some good laughs! Oh elders sometimes! We found them some really good potentials though and we found some spanish people to teach!
Main Street? 

Last Zone Meeting with Sister Lambright, Sabin, DeLaO, Ordonez, and Hammar  

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